The App Wok Launches Bubble Football League on iOS

When you think of bubble-popping games, witches and forest creatures might come to mind, but The App Wok has released its own take on the genre, inspired by American football. Bubble Football League sees players tackling complete football games or “levels,” by throwing footballs at offensive and defensive orbs at the top of the screen. The more offensive orbs players destroy, the farther they drive the ball down the field, eventually scoring touchdowns and earning trophies for the level.

5 Unique Power FootballsIn Bubble Football League, players choose their favorite of five teams, which, along with Power Footballs, are themed after natural elements (fire, water, wood, metal and earth). During levels, the Power Footballs rest along the bottom of the screen and can be used to destroy large portions of orbs or otherwise push the player down the field toward the end zone.

Each portion of gameplay is timed, which separates games into quarters and halves. When touchdowns are scored, users earn an extra 30 seconds to destroy orbs inside the goal post for extra points.

As gamers collect trophies, they can spend these on power-ups in the locker room (store). These include powers for shot trajectory and bonus time during games, among others. While gamers start with two of five teams available for play, they can also spend their trophies to unlock the final three teams.

Going forward, the game will be updated with new Power Footballs, as well as a multiplayer game mode.

Bubble Football League is available to download for free on iOS, and is coming soon to Android devices. An ad-free, paid version of the game is also in the works for a September release on iOS.