The 5 Best Ways to Use Twitter Third Party Apps

Third party applications are getting more and more creative, helping us use our social media tools in more effective and widespread ways. Twitter lends itself really well to third party apps, since the micro-blogging site is so versatile and relevant to so many other functions on the internet. Just last week, Twitter made its third party security controls stronger, so we can feel better than ever about making use of these third party apps — and here are the 5 best ways to do so.

1. Sharing Athletic Accomplishments. Have you ever just finished a long run and had that feeling where you just can’t wait to tell someone about it? Third party apps like Tweetdeck make sharing your feats on Twitter an immediate possibility. Don’t wait for the endorphins to fade — share your record mile time on your smartphone before you return to your computer, while you’re sweat is still drying.

2. Revealing Shiny New Work Ideas. HootSuite, the third party app that lets you update not just Twitter, but multiple networks at once, is ideal for workplace communities that also want to share data without sharing passwords. When you want to tweet something work-related, the “via HootSuite” label adds some legitimacy to your comments, giving off the impression that you’re well-equipped in the social media world for professionals.

3. Saving Yourself Time. This is pretty basic, but third-party apps are after all supposed to increase the utility of sites like Twitter. Sites like Echofon, for example, are pretty useful for streamlining your Twitter experience. One of the best promises Echofon makes is that you never have to read a tweet twice, because it syncs the tweets you’ve read on your computer with those you’ve read on your iPad, iPhone, etc.

4. Flaunting Creative Explosions. The third-party label can be important not only for your work persona, but also your reputation in more creative spheres. Connecting to Twitter via Tumblr, the multi-media blogging site that has exploded in popularity and capability, is an excellent way to tweet in style.

5. Sharing the Spirit of Good Will. I think one of the best third party apps is Twipple. Despite the dubious name, the site helps promote serious charitable work, declaring that “@twipple uses twitter & random acts of kindness to create ripples of good will.” Using a third party to openly advertise your charitable intentions can motivate others — if only to make them curious about what something like “twipple” is and help spread the word about these options for giving back.

Are the new security safeguards motivating you to use third party apps more?