The 4 P's of Social Media.

I was sitting eating last night in a place that used to be my favorite bar, The Four P’s. It is a typical Irish bar in DC that is now called Four Fields, but will always be called Four P’s to me. While drinking a Harp and having some bangers and mash I started thinking about what the four P’s stood for.

Of course I know that it stands for the four providences of Ireland, but for social media I am starting to think it means Presence, Personality, Patiences and People. I believe that these are the key elements to any successful campaign that uses social media as a cornerstone.

The first P seems to be the most obvious, but is often overlooked, Presence. Presence is more than just being on social media, you need to have an actual presence in social media. Meaning this, if you do not engage active users on social media you will fail to have a presence in the social world and fail gain any followers.

Personality doesn’t mean that you have to win over everyone in the room. The meaning is much easier and simpler to understand, but I am always amazed how it is overlooked. Personality isn’t about pretending that you or your company is something it isn’t. It is about embracing your company’s tone and feel, then making sure they come across in social media.

Patience is a key virtue in social media. Like any good project, social media takes time to be successful. Don’t expect to be the most popular person on the net right away. Much like making friends in the real world, making social contacts is a time consuming process that can not be rushed.

People, seems standard, for social media to be a success you need to engage people right? It isn’t that simple. For social media to be a success you need to engage real people about real subjects. You need to stay away from bots, auto replies, and other corporate personalties. You need to engage people who will want to use your goods or services to make a real connection.

These P’s seem obvious to me, but I am wondering if I might have missed any? Can you think of any cornerstones of social media? It doesn’t have to start with a ‘P’, I will except any of them, the Five P’s just doesn’t sound right.