The 1st Quarter of Facebook's Platform

The past three months have been exciting. Entrepreneurs, developers, investors and Facebook users have all experienced the changing dynamic resulting from the launch of Facebook’s platform. Three days after the launch of the platform, this blog was born. There have been some amazing things that have come about. Facebook is now the leader in social networking and has everyone trying to catch up.

3,267 applications have launched so far. The majority of users have used at least one application. The top 46 applications have over 1 million users and the most popular application, Top Friends, has over 13 million users! This is only the beginning but it has been one hell of a ride. Many are trying to figure out if any useful applications will come about. When will the food fight end?

Many advertising networks have launched to cater to the developers as well as advertisers. Many of these companies are taking significant risks as they try to convince others that this form of advertising is effective. They aren’t the only people taking significant risks. Thousands of entrepreneurs have taken to this new opportunity and are running full speed ahead. It is truly an exciting time and I look forward to the future.