With @Textigram Your Photos Never Sounded So Good

Yes, we are all professional photographers now (in our own minds) thanks to Instagram and other photo-sharing applications.

And even if you aren’t the one taking the pics, you’re undoubtedly on the receiving end of a few aficionados and have seen your fair share of photos.

Well, @Textigram describes these digitally-enhanced creations in tweets. And it’s pretty funny.

This is an account that hasn’t sent out many tweets yet, but hopefully it will start to pick up because we could all stand to laugh at ourselves once in a while. Yes, even you.

Textigram describes itself as the place “where your Instagram photos are described textually.” It left off “humorously.”

Do you recognize any of these photo descriptions? We bet you do:

And some descriptions are just timely possibilities, we imagine (we hope):

We don’t see any submission guidelines nor a link to a Tumblr blog to explore silly pics further with this account creator, but we bet if he/she got enough @mentions or tagged in some funny descriptions, the hilarity would snowball. Let’s try!

(Photographer image from Shutterstock)