Text Message Reminders With Kwiry

Remember those cheap key-chain size recorders sold on television that were good for recording short reminders? Well, Kwiry offers the 21st century version of that simple idea.kwiry Kwiry is a tool that allows you to text message reminders to yourself from your cell phone. Reminders can also be entered directly into the website. From there your submissions, which can be made either private or public, can be converted in several ways: your Facebook profile, your email, RSS, or your iGoogle page.

An interesting feature Kwiry offers is the ability to view your submissions as either a general Web search or a shopping web search, which provides a toolbar with suggested sites to further help your searches.

Kwiry is certainly a cool way to help not forget the little things you deal with in everyday life, which is why it is a bit upsetting that there seems to be no calendar integration. That could be a problem if you are looking to Kwiry to keep you on top of the more important aspects of your life. It is one thing to be reminded that you would like to buy a U2 album and immediately link to a site (or iTunes) to buy it. It is another when you are trying to remind yourself that you have an appointment in three weeks and your Kwiry reminder is now at the bottom of your stack. The good news is that Kwiry allows you to organize your homepage with folders making it easier to keep your reminders clutter free.

Finally, there seems to be no easy way to retrieve your Kwiry reminders without having web access. While going without web access wherever and whenever is quickly becoming a thing of the past it is still a limitation that some may find annoying. All things considered, Kwiry is a handy little tool and with technology moving the way it does it will not be surprising to see those few limitations quickly become a thing of the past.