Tempo Smart Calendar Launches on iPad

tempo 650Tempo AI has announced the launch of its Tempo Smart Calendar on iPad devices. After a launch on iPhone over a year ago, the iPad version of the app has been released to give users access to all of the features they have on their smartphones, on the larger screen of the iPad. With Tempo Smart Calendar, users can view month, week and agenda views of their calendars, helping them make the most of their time, whether at home, at the office, or during a commute.

The Tempo Smart Calendar app allows users to connect to multiple social media accounts, and view information about their contacts as “insights” about those individuals. This may involve viewing their Facebook or Google+ posts, or viewing their Facebook photos, checking out their LinkedIn profiles, tweets and more.


The app pulls in a user’s contacts, emails, reminders lists, and existing calendar events, while also adding current weather data based on location. This is alongside buttons that offer “one tap” access to helpful features and information. For instance, when users enter an address into an event, they can tap the directions button to receive maps, directions and estimated driving times to that location. Elsewhere, users can tap a button that connects them to conference calls based on phone numbers in an event listing, or another button that checks a flight status according to the flight details listed in an event.

When viewing an event, users can tap to email any appropriate contacts from within the app, or tap an “I’m late” button to send a text or email to other meeting members.

With the company’s selection by Uber as one of its 11 launch partners to have access to its API, Tempo Smart Calendar users can find and order an Uber from within the app, with integration for autofilling destinations based on the data from the user’s calendar.

In addition to this release, Tempo recently added natural language processing to the app, so users can quickly add events to the app in plain English, even using their voice. Other features include the ability to view company background information relating to existing contacts, the ability to post birthday wishes to users’ Facebook walls and more.

Tempo Smart Calendar is available to download for free on iTunes. The app has also just launched in Europe, and is available in 35 countries in English, Spanish, French, Italian and German.