Telecure Launches “Pay-With-A-Tweet” Program To Offer Free Urgent Care

Telecure Launches “Pay-With-A-Tweet” Program To Offer Free Urgent Care In Exchange For A Tweet

As evidenced by a wide range of recent natural disasters from Hurricane Sandy to Typhoon Haiyan as well as national emergencies like the Boston marathon bombing, Twitter has proven to be a valuable tool for emergency and urgent care workers.

Capitalizing on that usage, San Jose, California-based telemedicine provider company Telecure has launched a “Pay-With-A-Tweet” program to offer free urgent care in exchange for a tweet or Facebook post.

Here’s how it works: an interested party contacts Telecure, either through a phone or video call for a flat rate of $25 or for no cost through Pay-With-A-Tweet; within 10 minutes, a Telecure medical provider (pulled from a pool of emergency room and urgent care specialists) contacts the patient to discuss the issue and get he or she started on a treatment plan. If applicable, the patient can then pick up any needed medication at their local pharmacy.

It’s obviously working: Telecure has grown to 1,000 users a month just in California, and will be expanding to 15 cities within the next several months.

The tweet you post can include whatever copy you want, but has to include the company’s URL so it pings their system:

Telecure Launches “Pay-With-A-Tweet” Program To Offer Free Urgent Care In Exchange For A Tweet

Naysayers may argue that good medicine can’t be practiced without a physical consultation; but Telecure contends that the most common ailments are easily addressed via phone, even if they’re urgent – and further, given that the number of ambulatory care visits in the U.S. is 1.2 billion a year, Telecure allows urgent care clinics to focus on delivering ambulatory care to the patients that need vital in-person attention the most.

Let’s be honest: who wouldn’t want to be bypass their copay, not to mention the agonizing waiting room experience, when they just need allergy meds, advice on how to treat their headache, or a refill on one of their daily medications? You can see the list of conditions Telecure readily treats.

Would you use Telecure’s “Pay-With-A-Tweet” program?

(Stethoscope image via Shutterstock.)