Ted Cruz’s PR Team Really Needs to Catch Up to the Internet

Ted Cruz is a what? Yeah, it's out there. Thanks, Internet.

Sen. Ted Cruz, GOP candidate for the White House, hasn’t been the best of buddies with the Internet trolls out there.

He started feeding those diabolical druids of the social media spaces when he claimed that “Captain Kirk is quite likely a Republican.” To which, Twitter beat him down and even William Shatner took a parting shot. He also claimed that most violent criminals were Democrats. Social media didn’t take that too lightly to that either.

Since then, he has been very scripted — but not in a Marco Rubio-programmed-robot sort of way — and he hasn’t allowed himself to get bitten by those pesky trolls lately. And then this happened at a Donald Trump rally in New Hampshire a couple of days ago:

Yes, that is some acolyte of Trump’s clamoring that Ted Cruz is “a pussy.”

This went untouched, uncommented, and unrecognized by anyone in the Ted Cruz regime. You would think they would have learned their lesson, but nah. So, this has happened:

ted cruz pussyThe squatter of the URL is still anonymous, but somewhere, Donald Trump’s team is high-fiving. Oh, and apparently the website maker is a fellow grammarian, which all PR folks should adore.


Moral of the story: He should not have “trusTED” the Internet.