#TechnoViking Head Inflates When You Tweet It

We love when something is powered by tweets – like that gumball machine we recently told you about.

Say hello to Techno Viking, a meme reborn. Your hashtagged tweets inflate his head and you’re going to love the new video we found of him dancing (same video, new music – you’ll see).

According to AnimalNewYork, Techno Viking is part of a display called “Meme Junkyard” by Iraqi American artist Wafaa Bilal (a man who drilled a camera into the back of his head). Sorry, we know that tidbit is distracting – back to the Viking head:

Here lays Technovikinga huge blow-up head of the now dead meme. Every time someone tweets the hashtag #TechnoViking, the meme is resurrected a bit as rigged air pumps inflate him at the All Saints Gardens in Manchester for the Festival of New Cinema, Digital Culture and Art.

Meme Junkyard “invites us to reflect on the promises of constant connectivity, on the meaning of ‘going viral,’ of generating almost unlimited levels of attention before fading back into disinterest.”

The Techno Viking was big on Youtube in 2007 – and his identity remains a mystery. But his head can still be inflated with attention, thank goodness!

So give a shout out to depressing “we’re all insignificant when it comes down to it” thoughts and start tweeting the #TechnoViking!

Oh and here’s the video we promised, with Techno Viking doing his thing Gangnam style:

(Inflating balloon image from Shutterstock)