Tech Roundup: Bitly Rage, Hitch up Your ‘Sidecar’

Twitter page loading is getting snappier, thanks to an engineering change that reworks hashbangs, or those tags that look like this: !#. The pages are said to load five times faster, which enables more Tweets to come through in real time. This is especially good news for those who like to Tweet live events.

Things may be speeding up at Twitter, but they are slowing down at Bitly, where users are having to go an extra step to shorten links now. Reaction was, to say the least, not good. Movie critic Roger Ebert (why does he have to always get his two cents in on totally unrelated events?) tweeted “bitly flooded with howls of complaint after incomprehensible and catastrophic redesign.” Incomprehensible and catastrophic? It is more annoying and irritating, an improvement only for the programmers there at Bitly and not the users.

PR Newswire has brought its Capital Markets Visibility 365, a yearlong program helping small cap companies targeting financial media of every kind, has been integrated with StockTwits Enterprise service. More info here.

And change is in the air. Motorola Mobility has officially been overtaken by the Google machine. Mashable has three possible futures for the new union.

How can you drive your cell phone without a sidecar? The new Sidecar app has launched for Android and iPhone and promises to make emailing, texting, and Web surfing while you’re on the phone much easier. It also has a smart speaker function that senses when you move the phone away from your head, and puts the call to speaker mode.

Contests are a great way to get your name and brand out there, and Binkd Promotion is a service that can put all that together. Binkd handles social media contests and plugs from idea to execution. It’s a pay-by-the-promotion service with a free membership here. And, yes in case you were wondering, if it’s a new tech company, the name MUST be missing a vowel.

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