Team Chaos Launches Loot Raiders on Facebook, iOS

loot raiders 650

Team Chaos has announced the release of its newest title, a Facebook and iOS MMORPG adventure simulation game called Loot Raiders. The game is described as being intuitive enough for players with no experience with MMOs, but also complex enough to appeal to a more hardcore player base.

In Loot Raiders, players create an avatar, and take their hero through missions to earn rewards, including upgraded gear and other loot. In story missions, players battle against rats, ogres and other enemies, and will receive treasure chests, coins and other items when they’re victorious. If they fall in battle, they’ll need to wait a time before heading back into the game, or pay premium currency in order to skip the wait.

Battles take place automatically, and players will receive new defensive gear, weapons and more when they’re complete. As players earn experience points and level-up, they’ll receive skill points that can be assigned to various boosts, like a passive ability that gives players a higher chance of scoring critical hits during combat, or a boost for finding extra gold during missions, as examples. In addition, higher-level characters unlock more gear slots, and can equip more individual items that help them during battle.

While some quests are completed instantly, others require time to complete. That is, a battle may be locked behind a 20-minute wait, which can be skipped with premium currency.

In between battles, users can spend their collected coins on extra gear in the store. Users can search the store based on item type, or required level, among other attributes.

Outside of story mode, players can head to the arena and battle against other raiders in the game’s player-vs-player mode.

Loot Raiders is available to play for free on Facebook, and is available to download for free on iOS.