Task management app Zippy looks to improve the way you get things done


Task management app Zippy looks to motivate users to get things done by organizing to-do lists and providing insights into how and when its users complete tasks. The app combines a daily view of tasks with infographics for past successes, so users can analyze their habits and improve themselves going forward.

Zippy allows users to enter tasks one-by-one, and then tag similar events or set reminders for the future. The app measures usage figures, like what time of day or day of the week users tend to create the most tasks, when users tend to be the most efficient in actually completing those tasks, how far ahead users plan, and how long they wait before completing them.

If the app’s infographic shows 50 percent of recent tasks were completed the day after they were originally “due,” users would, in theory, find the inspiration to improve themselves going forward, completing more tasks without waiting until the last minute.

Zippy also offers snooze and reschedule buttons for reminders, as well as the ability to share tasks via Twitter, Facebook, text or email. To celebrate its launch, Zippy is currently 50 percent off, and is available to download for $0.99 on iOS. The app’s price will increase in early March.

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