Task management app Todoist updated with location-aware notifications

Task management app Todoist has expanded its feature set, now offering users location-aware notifications for tasks they need to complete. In addition to offering reminders on specific days or at specific times, these location-aware reminders can notify users when they’ve left a building or are near an area with an associated task.

For instance, users can program the app to notify them to “pick up dry cleaning” when leaving home or work. If a user needs to call someone for a work-related purpose, they could program the notification to appear when getting to the office.

This location feature comes thanks to integration of both Google Maps and Apple Maps. A list of a user’s favorite places will automatically appear, ready for selection, or they can search for a location and pin-point an exact location. Todoist will save the last 10 identified locations for easy access going forward.

“As the first task manager to offer complete location-aware support, Todoist continues to truly up the innovation ante. This new technology will help our growing user base add even more power to their tasks and we are excited tom offer it on each of Todoist’s mobile platforms,” says Amir Salihefendic, CEO and founder of Todoist.

The location-aware notifications feature is a premium feature within Todoist, and it’s now live on iOS. It’s set to come to Android in a few days. Users can also program location-based task notifications via Todoist on the web. To celebrate the launch of the service, all free users can receive a free 30-day trial of Todoist Premium until July 6.