Target Takes Twitter To The Fashion Runway

You know those Target “Everyday Collection” TV spots that glamorize cliches of everyday women – a bake-sale mom, a mom changing diapers?

Before you write off Target for its slightly lame-o marketing, take a look at this.

Yesterday, Target made their “Everyday Collection” campaign a little more Twitterific. They hosted a live interactive Twitter event called the Target Everyday Show, playing off the glammed-up vibe of the TV ads but in an actually smart, funny way.

The Target Everyday Show was a runway show inspired by people’s tweets about everyday products, which were pulled from the hashtag #Everydayshow.

Target chose its favorite tweets to feature in the tweet-to-runway show during which models wearing all white with red lips and simple hairstyles strutted down a white catwalk, then recited the tweet dead-pan, while presenting the mentioned Target product – everything from Tombstone frozen pizzas to chocolate cake mix to a case of bottled water.

Check out a few quick clips of the event here:

The full playlist is here.

A live Twitter runway show – pretty awesome. It somehow managed to poke fun at the ridiculousness of modeling, catwalks, tweets and everyday products while positioning Target as a brand in a savvy, plugged-in light.

What’s your opinion about the Target Everyday Show? Brilliant? Weird? Both?