Tango Adds Cross Platform Video Calling

While Apple’s much publicized Facetime video calling app only works on the iPhone and iPod Touch, Fring and Tango are video calling options for Android users that have the added benefit of providing calling between iOS and Android devices. Tango is the newest of the two services available for Android. While Tango is similar to Facetime in that it provides point-to-point video calling, it also works over 3G and Wi-Fi connections. Engadget tested Tango and found that it will only initiate calls with people that are in the phone’s contact list, and that call quality scales dynamically based on connection performance.

Unfortunately, video conferencing is of limited value for Android as only two devices on the market, the Sprint HTC EVO and the Dell Streak, have front facing cameras. Today T-Mobile announced the second generation myTouch that will have a front facing camera, but at this time the availability of this phone is unknown. To be sure, there are many people who have Sprint HTC EVO phones so at least they now have more options for taking advantage of the front facing camera, but for video conferencing to be successful more devices will need to ship with the cameras. Tango is a free app and is available now in the Android Market.