Latest Taco Bell Video Doesn’t Feature Rats

Each day, Taco Bell adds another element to its response to the class action lawsuit that questions the nature of Taco Bell beef. Today, Greg Creed, the president of the company, appears in a video available on the Taco Bell lawsuit statement webpage, on the brand’s Facebook and YouTube pages, and of course, here on PRNewser.

The company has also placed full-page ads in a USA Today and other publications thanking the plaintiffs for suing them. And Creed appeared on Good Morning America to discuss the lawsuit.

“I think when someone sullies your reputation, you have be swift and you have to be decisive,” he told George Stephanopoulus. “And we think our reputation has been sullied.”

YouGov BrandIndex has taken a look at how the company’s brand has fared as a result of this lawsuit and the ensuing coverage.

Despite the media attention this lawsuit and Taco Bell’s recipe has gotten, it doesn’t compare to the Taco Bell rats video, which was included on a historical list of social media screw ups (and still makes us laugh, quite frankly). The company bounced back from that, so it likely will do so again here. But what, if any, damage has been done to Taco Bell’s reputation? Share your thoughts in the comments.