Tablets are Now Replacing Servers, Human Interactions at Applebees

Applebee’s latest tech-savvy plan is the installation of a tablet at every table in all 1,860 restaurants, which means, you can share an Instagram photo of your food right before it arrives!

Just kidding. The restaurant is planning to purchase about 100,000 tablets to increase impulse buys and speed up the ordering of food and payments. This move is similar to Chili’s Bar and Grill whose 1,266 restaurants have been getting tablets for tables earlier this year.  Having more tablets appear to decrease staffing needs, but Applebee’s said it is planning to keep staffing at the same level.

Restaurants are also looking to add games and other content to their table tablets, perhaps to keep diners happy and occupied while waiting. One important note: iPads will not be installed at Applebees because they tend to break. The restaurant has signed a contract with Presto for tablets, and they don’t look anywhere as sleek as an iPad, more like a mobile POS similar to ones used by servers.