TABASCO Heats Up Facebook

This morning, as you were dousing your eggs, sausage, or oatmeal with a little TABASCO sauce, were you thinking, “Geez, I just love my TABASCO so much, I wish I could be friends with it on Facebook and rule a land populated by TABASCO lovers.”

Well you’re in luck!

TABASCO has launched “TABASCO Nation,” a Facebook program that encourages fans who “like” them to earn badges, win prizes, and participate in polls and contests. While you’re at it, earn points so you can win elected office (Mayor, Senator, or even Ambassador) of the Nation.

Perhaps, as Mayor, you’ll get a house in the capital of TABASCO Nation (Hot Sauce-istan?) and you can leave behind all the troubles and issues here in the U.S. nation. And from this new perch, you can beckon to others, “Are you one of us?” just like the nice lady in the video above. TABASCO Nation sounds like a good place to be.

A spokesperson for TABASCO tells us via email that the campaign is part of the lead-up to the 2012 focus on the “family of flavors” and a new brand product launch. Prior to this launch, TASBASCO had 500,000 Facebook fans.  OgilvyWest in L.A. created the campaign and Hunter PR is helping with public relations.