Sysomos Signs On for Facebook Topic Data From DataSift

“Human intelligence provider” DataSift continues to add partners for Facebook topic data, and social intelligence company Sysomos is the latest.

“Human intelligence provider” DataSift continues to add partners for Facebook topic data, and social intelligence company Sysomos is the latest.

Sysomos, which acquired content marketing optimization and social media management platform Expion last month, will add that company’s technology, along with access to Facebook topic data, to its MAP and Heartbeat social listening and analytics products.

Facebook’s anonymous and aggregated topic data launched in March and provides marketers with insight into what users are saying about events, brands, subjects and activities.

Sysomos CEO Lindsay Sparks said in a release announcing the partnership:

More than 1.4 billion people use Facebook to engage with what interests them, and well over one-half visit Facebook every day. The crucial addition of Facebook topic data to the Sysomos platform will enable marketers, advertisers and agencies to better understand customers; reach new, relevant audiences; and, more important, deliver more targeted and relevant customer experiences.

Senior vice president of marketing and chief evangelist Amber Naslund added:

The availability of Facebook topic data, which is released only in aggregate, is a major leap forward in privacy protection. Our partnership with DataSift demonstrates our commitment to respecting personal data while delivering the depth and breadth of consumer insights needed to make our clients successful.

And DataSift chief product officer Tim Barker said:

Our goal at DataSift is to enable organizations worldwide to get real business value from the huge amount of unstructured data that is currently available to them. Companies should be able to use insights from data to answer business questions, drive decision-making processes and more. Anonymized and aggregated Facebook topic data enables organizations to gain a deeper understanding of their audiences in a way that protects people’s privacy. We’re delighted to be partnering with Sysomos in order to offer its clients market and brand-specific intelligence on topics and content shared on Facebook.

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TopicData David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.