SXSW: Facebook PR Inserts Zuck’s Sister Between Him and Julia Allison

(image via [arrow added by PRNewser])

We must admit, the Facebook PR team is quick on their feet. There’s never a dull moment when you’re watching over the year’s biggest rockstar CEO. Case in point, is when they saw Mark Zuckerberg posing for a picture with Star Magazine editor-at-large Julia Allison and her pretty lady friends. Not wanting any potential internet rumors to spread – see what happened with Allison and Digg founder Kevin Rose at least week’s Future of Web Apps conference in Miami – the PR team got Zuckerberg’s sister Randi in on their work:

Apparently Randi was acting on a directive from a member of Facebook’s PR team, who feared a picture of the CEO and the women might be taken out of context. Randi’s reaction was to dive into the picture herself, separating Zuckerberg and perhaps sparing him some embarrassment.

I guess “taken out of context” is a nice way to put it. Either way, we’re not quite sure who was spared the potential embarrassment: Mark, or his sister Randi, who later told that her actions, “might have been the eight glasses of champagne talking.”