Swing for the fences in Baseball Heroes MLBPA on Facebook


While sports titles may not be the most popular Facebook games around, Syntasia is experiencing early success with its sport game Baseball Heroes MLBPA. Since the game’s launch in February, it has climbed to over 646,000 monthly active users, according to our app tracking service AppData.

In Baseball Heroes MLBPA, users pick their favorite city and are assigned a team. This team can be customized with new players thanks to random card packs, and users can change the batting and pitching order by observing players’ stats and dragging and dropping them around the lineup as they see fit. Gamers also take up a spot on the team, so they can have their turns at bat during each game.

When up to bat, users are asked to click to swing their bat when the ball reaches the plate. The computer throws both strikes and balls, so it isn’t always necessary to click (swing). This mini-game focuses heavily on reflexes, but players aren’t guaranteed to lose a game even if their timing isn’t perfect.


The rest of each game proceeds automatically, with runs, outs and more taking place on menu boards, until it’s the player’s turn to take another shot, or the game ends. The more games players complete and win, the more skill points they can spend on their playable batter. These points can be spent to upgrade the player’s contact, power and luck stats, which all result in a more successful baseball season going forward.

Baseball Heroes MLBPA is available to play for free on Facebook. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.