SwiftKey Is Out Of Beta

SwiftKey, which is one of several alternate on-screen keyboards for Android, is now officially available after being in beta since July. SwiftKey is a standard QWERTY keyboard that you type on, the difference is in how it uses word prediction to guess the word that you are typing. Data entry speeds up when the correct word appears and you tap the space bar, decreasing the amount of actual typing. While the Android keyboard also does word prediction, it doesn’t do so until after you type a few letters while SwiftKey actually predicts the next word even before you start typing so that if it is correct you can just tap the space bar.

I tried the beta version of SwiftKey in July and have used it occasionally though I seem to always go back to Swype. After learning that SwiftKey was out of beta today I switched to it and a window displayed telling me the beta was ending and that on September 30 the word prediction would stop functioning, though you can continue to use the keyboard. You can purchase the official version of SwiftKey now for $.99 until September 30, after which it will cost $3.99. I find the word prediction works very well, and unlike Swype, SwiftKey includes a microphone button so that you can chose to use voice recognition.