@SwampThing Via Twitter

Just this morning I twittered how my guinea pig (Kathrine) was squeaking up a storm and I wanted her to twitter what she wanted. I thought this was a joke until I came across the oddest post on webware.com about plants learning to use twitter.

The group is called Botanicalls and they have created a pretty awesome DIY kit for twitter services. The circuitry seems almost to simple and the idea is just dumb enough to work. I say that because in the military we are taught KISS (keep it simple stupid) as a way to solve the most complex problems.

The basics are this: Your plant sends you a message via twitter that it needs watering. You can reply by sending a message that waters it. Thats it… it’s that simple.

I see the implementation of twitter in this regard as a step toward the future! The type of future where I can water my lawn from the internet, feed my dog from my cell phone, raise my kids from around the world. Honestly, the potential here is almost limitless.

Imagine when some of those creative DIYers get a hold of this. I really can see an amazing use for private twitter accounts doing things like turning lights on, opening car doors or just about anything else you can get your mind around.

Projects like this are exactly the type of thing twitter needs to get accepted by the main stream. Creating twitter bots will allow for mass syndicated distribution of commands for work. I mean this, the more people find a utility for things like twitter the more we are going to find everyone using it.

I am really racking my brain about some of the neat things that you could do with twitter and this DIY project. Do you have any low level tasks that you would like to see accomplished via twitter? I am going to find a way to twitter to my Roomba to clean my apartment before I get home.

Let me know if you can think of any cool projects that you would like to see “twitterized”? Let’s brainstorm some cool ideas and hope they get made. Now if I can just find a way to twitter me up a sandwich life would be perfect.