Survey Says: Family Feud Game On Facebook Quickly Gaining Popularity

Developers iWin, Inc. and Backstage Inc. have transformed the popular Family Feud game show into a Family Feud Facebook game app of the same name, piggy-backing on the already successful online game currently available at iWin’s Web site. The game follows the same format as the long-running game show, with users trying to guess how 100 participants answered survey questions.

Beyond being a well-designed social game, the app is a lesson in how entertainment companies can make their content more meaningful to Facebook users, and make money at the same time.

The Family Feud game can be played individually, but to really rack up points users will want to incorporate their Facebook friends to help them win in the Fast Money round. Each successive round in the game offers the potential to gain more points, and once a certain point level is reached, users are eligible for the Fast Money round, which mimics the final round of the game show. You can then choose friends to invite to play, which will give both you and your friends bonus points when they join the game.

Players are allowed to play a couple games for free about every half hour, and there’s the option to purchase more games by charging your cell phone bill, or through PayPal, Social Gold and other payment services. Costs range from $1.99 for 2 games to $39.99 for 100 games. The Feud Points earned playing the game give players the ability to buy prizes in one of eight prize stages. After purchasing all the prizes on a particular level, the next prize stage will be unlocked. Players also earn awards and titles as they reach milestones in the game or purchase entire blocks of prizes.

Family Feud already has more than 11,000 survey questions in the Facebook game, with new questions being added every week. Users are invited to create surveys about themselves for their friends, participate in ongoing surveys, or offer up potential survey questions. There are plenty of options built into the game to share results or invite friends to play, and the game has gained some popularity in the last couple of weeks and currently has more than 24,000 daily active users.