Survey: News Releases Not Just for Press

Last week, we told you about the Society for New Communications Research and the organization’s survey with Middleberg communications that showed almost half of journalists use LinkedIn and Facebook to assist in reporting.

This week the SCNR has a survey out sponsored by Vocus. Titled “Exploring the ROI of Online Press Releases,” the survey was completed by more than 420 marketing and PR professionals, as well as small business owners, and revealed that so called “traditional” media and “new” media were almost even in terms of desired audiences for releases. 73% indicated that it is “important to very important” to reach traditional media via their online press releases while 67.7% indicated that it is “important to very important” to reach bloggers and new media outlets.

“Respondents seemed to want to measure the value of their online releases as they would an ad or marketing campaign,” stated Dr. Mihaela Vorvoreanu, SNCR research fellow and assistant professor in communication studies at Clemson University. “They stated that they would like to be able to measure ‘eyeballs’ and dollar value.” While intriguing, not all PR pros found the survey results particularly revealing. As one agency VP told PRNewser, “Leave it to Vocus to turn the obvious into a survey.”

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