Survey: 54% of Workers Have Not Heard From Leadership on the Financial Crisis

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A new survey by large agency Weber Shandwick (a division of Interpublic, NYSE: IPG) shows a need for better internal communications amidst the financial crisis.

With KRC Research, Weber quickly surveyed 514 employed Americans revealed a common water-theme: if you don’t say something, people will talk anyway. The survey found that 54% haven’t heard from leadership on the impact of the crisis on their company, though 74% have heard co-workers talking about it.

The methodology doesn’t say if there was any differentiation in business sectors, which could account for relatively low 26% who feel their companies would have to conduct layoffs, even though 62% felt the companies would have trouble meeting goals.

What this seems to signify is there is still an opportunity for most C-suites to keep workers informed and calm. Like the aftershocks of the attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, some will get laid off and many will remain in jobs with more work to do and no raises. The companies that will flourish are those who can inspire the latter to help in their recovery and not “quit and stay”. Conversely, CEOs have the opportunity to adopt more modest pay packages, or a moratorium on huge bonuses until things simmer down.

The press release is available here.

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