Survey: 35% of Users Check Their Phones More than 50 Times Per Day

A new study from Delvv examines the volume of information Americans are consuming on their smartphones.

Delvv, developer of the Glean personalized news reading app, has announced the results of its Delvv Mobile Overload Report which measured the ‘volume of information’ U.S. users experience on their smartphones. According to the survey, 84 percent of respondents said their smartphone is an ‘integral’ part of their life, and while 78 percent said the majority of push notifications aren’t relevant to them, 35 percent of respondents fell into the category of ‘super-checkers,’ or users who look at their phones more than 50 times each day.

The study focused heavily on Millennials, or users ages 18-29. According to Delvv, nearly half of Millennials are super-checkers, with the survey finding 51 percent cannot go more than three hours without checking their phone.  In addition, 37 percent of Millennials would immediately return home to retrieve their smartphone if they had forgotten it.

For Millennials, 55 percent find notifications from messaging apps to be the most useful, and 90 percent of Millennials attempt to fight the issue of information overload by manually organizing the information on their smartphones, or using a tool to help them be organized.

In a statement, Raefer Gabriel, co-founder of Delvv, commented:

Mobile devices have democratized access to information, giving us powerful tools for succeeding in a rapidly shifting global landscape. But plentiful information can easily lead to information overload, and smartphone users are spending too much time sifting through content to find exactly what they need.

The Delvv Mobile Overload survey shows us that millennials, the heaviest mobile device users, are bogged down by excessive, poorly targeted information on their smartphones. At Delvv, we’re developing mobile apps that reduce the burden of information overload through more intelligent filtering and personalization.

Delvv’s Glean app looks to combat this information overload by curating articles and information for users based on their interests. The Glean app is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.