Super Soda: Coca-Cola’s Competitive Corporate Image

Coca-Cola India will make a communications push this summer, complete with “new brand ambassador” cricket star Sachin Tendulkar, reports the Financial Express. Meanwhile, PepsiCo India has four TV commercials and a “multi-media ad campaign” on the way, with cricket World Cup Team India’s MS Dhoni front and center.

Cricket’s ICC World Cup runs through early April, and more ads are on the way with the start of summer right around the corner, the story says.

The story quotes a company spokesperson on Coke’s communications. “Sachin Tendulkar is our ‘Happiness Ambassador’ and we will leverage his association with the company to amplify our CSR, corporate and brand messages.” (We ran the video of Coca-Cola’s “Happiness Truck” earlier today.) Attached is a Coca-Cola ad that ran in India in 2010. If the music doesn’t make you happy, we don’t know what will.

A new PepsiCo commercial, the article goes on to say, plays on cricket, a popular game there. Called, ‘Change the Game,’ the campaign is out to “inspire the youth to change the game, be innovative, take risks, and do things differently even if it has not been done before.”