Sundance Festival Favorite Already Getting Oscar Buzz

The summer blockbusters are coming! The summer blockbusters are coming!

With all the talk of The Avengers, Prometheus, and The Dark Knight Rises, it’s hard for other films to get a word in edgewise. Being on the receiving end of some film festival love can help smaller movies attract a little attention.

Such is the case for Beasts of the Southern Wild, a Sundance Film Festival winner and a Cannes official selection about a little girl searching for her mom in the bayou near New Orleans in the wake of a Katrina-like storm. The film isn’t due out until June 27, but The Huffington Post is already asking whether the film is an Oscar contender.

Separately but just as anticipated is the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, which was released this week. You can watch that below. They’re on opposite ends of the movie spectrum, but both use music to great effect.

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