Want To Tell Someone Off Publicly Without The Drama? Send A Subtweet

Ever want to give someone ‘what for’ because they’re SUPER annoying in a very specific way? Sure you do. But you probably hold back because you don’t want this big dramatic confrontation to follow.

Consider the subtweet – if you haven’t already.

Urban Dictionary defines the subtweet as a ‘subliminal tweet.” It directly refers to “a particular person without mentioning their name or directly mentioning them [at all]” and it’s “usually employed for negative or insulting tweets.”

Some subtweets may list the person’s name without the @ symbol, but that’s tricky business and you’ll likely get caught.

It’s enough to label it a #subtweet and get the retweets and replies from others who agree with your criticism. And that way, when Mr. Picks His Nose In Public sees your tweet (and remembers you catching him in the act last week), he’ll also be unsure if it’s REALLY about him – and he probably won’t ask. But he’ll feel shamed. Well, that’s what you wanted, isn’t it, you meanie?

Here are some subtweets to give you a sense of how they look. We are not advocating their use (passive agressive tweets are pretty immature #subtweet):

Have you ever sent a #subtweet? Would you?

(Girl with laptop image from Shutterstock)

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