Shop Fashion Looks from Instagram with STYLR

STYLR is a new platform that pulls user-generated fashion images and links products to brand e-commerce sites.


Social shopping makes up a small percentage of ecommerce, but the implementation of tools like, Stripe and Shoppost, reduce barriers and make shopping from social networks easier. Berlin-based fashion-tech startup, STYLR, also aims to simplify the social shopping experience.

STYLR, which launched today, is a social shopping platform designed to enable one-click shopping from Instagram posts. According to a STYLR statement:

We curate the best user generated images from fashion brands’ tagged feed and individually link products available on their e-shop to each image.

Users can browse without creating a profile. However, users can login using their Facebook ID. Creating a profile enable users to create personalize feeds, follow people on Instagram and see what the people they follow are liking and shopping. Brands can also have dedicated pages to showcase content from their Instagrgam feeds.

STYLR users can shop items for women or men, and filter for tops, bottoms, swimwear and variety of accessories.

Check out STYLR to shop your favorite looks from Instagram.