Stylish Smart Bracelet Measures Dangerous Sun Exposure

Since you’re probably stuck inside away from the frosty and  frigid weather, this smart bracelet just might be the right warm weather accessory to look for this coming summer. Created by mobile weather station maker Netatmo, June is a wearable device that measures your sun exposure and advises on how to protect your skin.

Designed for women, the device monitors your UV exposure and the sun’s intensity based on your skin type:

JUNE tracks UV intensity in real-time and the total sun exposure absorbed by the user’s skin throughout the day. Depending on the woman’s skin type, the App calculates the suggested maximum daily exposure. Every woman can monitor their sun dose measured in percentage through the day.

While the best way to completely avoid all damage is to protect the skin with sunblock, the app will also let you know if you just need to grab some shade. Look for the bracelet this June (when else?) in select fashion, beauty, and consumer electronics stores.