Styleite Joins Mediaite, Geekosystem with Flair

Styleite, the latest site from Dan Abrams, debuted Monday, joining Mediaite, which launched in July, and Geekosystem, which surfaced in late January.

The fashion-news site employs the Power Grid that Mediate made famous, as well as a feature that allows users to upload photos of their outfits and tag them with their corresponding brands and styles.

Editor in chief Verena von Pfetten posted Editor’s Note: Welcome to Styleite, and here are some highlights:

Styleite is a fashion and beauty site for anyone who is exactly or, more importantly, not at all like us. Which is to say: It’s a site for everyone.

The fashion industry is a tough nut to crack. At times exclusionary and intimidating, it’s run by a select group of movers-and-shakers who, let’s be honest, have little-to-nothing in common with those of us actually on the ground, in the stores, and buying the product. But that isn’t to say there’s no relationship at all; for starters, we’re all familiar with Meryl Streep-as-Miranda-Priestly’s gloriously cut-throat monologue on cerulean blue. But, more importantly, that disconnect doesn’t mean that those of us on the ground don’t care what walks down the gilded runways in Paris, London, New York, and Milan.

We’ll also offer an unbiased eye on the people who make fashion happen with our own Styleite-ized version of Mediaite’s Power Grid. Using a proprietary algorithm, our Power Grid ranks the almost 2,000 people who keep the rest of us in our Lanvin flats and Levi’s jeans: from the models to the designers, the executives to the editors, we’ve (hopefully!) got everyone you need to know on file, and we think you’ll be surprised to see where more than a few of them fall.

Finally, like I mentioned earlier: I’ve never been photographed for my oh-so-keen sense of style, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have any! And the same goes for you, which is why we’re introducing Style Sheets, Styleite’s very own interactive, insanely addicting, and super-inspirational photo community. Upload a daily (or weekly, or however so often you’re feeling particularly stylish) photo, tag it by specific brand and article of clothing, and voila: You’ve got your very own Style Sheet! The best part is that the whole community is searchable, both by user and by clothing. Just bought a new pair of skinny jeans? Take a scroll through the J Brand page to find some style inspiration from users just like you.