Study: More People Using QR Codes

Skanz makes customized QR codes.

A new Forrester Research study finds that more people are using QR codes now than they were last year. According to the research, five percent of adults use two-dimensional codes, including QR codes, versus one percent last year. When you only take smartphone users into account, 15 percent of respondents are using the codes, up from five percent last year. Android owners are the biggest users.

This information comes right after companies began rolling out their QR programs for the holiday shopping season.

As with any other marketing program, having a sound strategy before you get QR crazy is the best route.

“Bar codes help consumers discover what to buy by linking to contextual content, and they help them decide between alternatives,” ReadWriteWeb says.

ComputerWorld quotes comScore numbers that found 6.2 percent of mobile phone users also used QR codes in June 2011. Sources in that article suggest offering something of value (information or otherwise) at the other side of the scanned code and testing the code prior to implementation to make sure it works.

Total aside but kind of funny, this article talks about the QR code that Alan Alda wore on his wrist to promote his new play “Radiance: The Passion of Marie Curie.” The code came courtesy of a company, Skanz, that specializes in customized QR codes.