Study Finds Many Women Want to Have More Sex, Think It Gets Better With Age

Lippe Taylor and partnered for "Women's Health Behavior Index." Let's talk about sex baby!

Lippe Taylor and have partnered for the first “Women’s Health Behavior Index,” which takes a look at women’s sexual health. The research found that 60 percent of women believe their sex life could be better. And perhaps contrary to popular belief, 54 percent say sex gets better with age.

The survey questioned more than 1,000 women ages 18 and older nationwide between April 21 and 29. In addition to the findings above, 28 percent of respondents say they are having sex between two and seven times per week (60 percent are just going with their gut to determine how much is enough). And 60 percent are trying new things. Because who says you have to be Missy Elliott to get your freak on?

“As women get older and become more comfortable with their partners and bodies, they find sex can be more pleasurable and even look for ways to spice it up,” said Nancy Berman, a nurse practitioner specializing in women’s healthcare at Michigan’s Millennium Affiliated Physicians, in a press release statement. At the same time, women have to be mindful of any changes that may cause discomfort during sex as they get older. That’s one of the reasons why women aren’t having as much sex as they would like.

For the study’s authors, the most surprising finding was that 89 percent of women ages 45 to 55 are the most experimental.

“At this age, women are becoming empty-nesters and as the survey found, they are getting more alone time with their partner, so it is the perfect time to rekindle the romance with more interesting and exciting sex,” Maureen Lippe, CEO of Lippe Taylor told us in an email.

So often, we think that women are the ones who don’t want to have sex; that husbands and boyfriends are always the more desirous of the two. Here are some figures that might change perceptions about that.

“The biggest misconception this survey debunks is that women are not interested in sex as they get older,” said Beth Battaglino, CEO of, in an email to PRNewser. “The survey not only found out at they are, but they want it more often and they want to spice things up too.”

The survey has been released just in time for National Women’s Health Week, an initiative spearheaded by the US Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Women’s Health. For more on that, click here.

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