Study: 22% of Americans Find it Acceptable to be 'Plugged-in' During Sex

New online trends are popping up all over the place and how we think of connecting our online and offline lives evolving. While the U.S is the leader in many technologies and applications, a new study finds Americans also have the most liberal views on being “plugged in.” In a recent study conducted this month by PC Tools, 22% of Americans find it acceptable to be ‘plugged in’ during sex. A whopping 29% thought it was okay to be ‘plugged in’ during a honeymoon but dying is serious business–only 8% find it acceptable to be connected online during a religious service, like a funeral. What gives?

This year’s PC Tools KISS (Keep Internet Security Simple) survey included a random sample of 1,012 adults and their thoughts on what kinds of online behavior could be mixed with offline events. Some interesting findings were that even though more Americans are spending more time online, close to 79% still want to keep their files or documents secret: 39% from children, 26% from parents, and 42% from the boss.   Its okay to update your Facebook status while honeymooning in Cabo but word documents are to be hidden at all costs?

The goal of the study was to figure out how much people are using their computers and how much time they invest in protecting their personal information. Its alarmingly but within the sample group 47% of participants would rather balance their checkbook than clean up a computer’s registry to prevent crashes and improve speed.

According to study results:

  • Tweeting/texting during a honeymoon:Â   29% said its okay
  • Texting during family dinner (at home):Â   41% said its okay
  • Texting during dinner (at a restaurant):Â   26% said its okay
  • Updating Facebook status while at a funeral:Â   8% said its okay

So while obsessed with getting it on and being happy, Americans do not like to take care of the dirty work or tweet about it. When given options of tasks to do instead of cleaning up a computer’s registry the numbers are alarming

Things users would rather do than clean up a computer’s registry

  • Laundry 54%
  • Balance checkbook 47%
  • Change a baby’s diaper 43%
  • Go to the Dentist 34%
  • Wait in line at DMV 20%
  • Sit in Traffic 19%
  • Get a Colonoscopy 12%

If users are willing to share more about their personal experiences online but feel protective over sensitive documents on their computers at some point there will need to be a shift of priority towards security. PC Tools offers security solutions for people who don’t want to deal with the virus just knocking boots.

What are your thoughts? Do you like to be ‘plugged in’ when getting plugged in?

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