Ellie Cachette

Follow Someone? Now You Can Get Their Style in a Box

Quarterly Co curates packages based upon various contributors a person can choose to follow and once a quarter delivers a box of items a particular contributor likes to their subscribers. It's like following someone on Twitter except getting to taste and smell what they like or use. Interestingly enough, you can even follow startups (like Wander) or a group of VCs like True Ventures --- they even have Stanford’s Design School on board and boxes to help you get "uncluttered."

Where Are They Now: Qriously, GroupMe, FoodSpotting

Back in 2011, when Facebook was starting to test Places and consumer collaboration companies like TaskRabbit were really honing in on user acquisition, collaborative consumption was still seen as an experiment. We met with Qriously at TechCrunch Disrupt NY as they came out of stealth to talk about “local” sentiment in real-time, while GroupMe and Foodspotting started to take off as consumer mobile apps in a new space, where no one was certain how successful independent mobile apps could be. Where are they now?

Where Are They Now: Klout, DropBox, Assistly

In early 2011, we looked at Assistly, Dropbox and Qriously as tools that could help small businesses and startups. We had to take a look --- where is everyone now? So far the tools, apps, companies we’ve been watching are steadily growing up into first movers and disrupters. Of our three follows above we have one acquisition, one member of the billion-dollar valuation club and one positioned to be there soon. We might even see an IPO from this group. One thing is for sure: social media isn’t going away and those who are mastering it are riding the wave to the top.

This Week In Social Commerce — May 23, 2013

While everyone is talking about Tumblr's acquisition as a one-man show at $1.1 billion, Yahoo! paid $3.5 billion for Geocities back in 1999 with only 19 million uniques compared to Tumblr's 300 million uniques, so, in some sense, Tumblr is a good deal. While this latest acquisition seems like a big one, it's also symbolic of what internet traffic is worth now in scale and shows that social blogging networks are not just traffic platforms, but strategic internet real estate. Tumblr, where anyone can blog and share others' blogs, has also become mainstream, so is everyone blogging now? Is that the future of consumerism?

This Week in Social Commerce – April 5, 2013

This week we saw many April Fools’ jokes from companies on blogs and social media channels, followed new movers and shakers in the "task space," and discovered new apps for getting noticed when we're angry.

MobileAppCon 2012: Uber CEO Travis Kalanick on the Science of Finding a Ride

“Before Uber I knew nothing about cities," said Uber CEO Travis Kalanick. "Now all I do is study them." At the MobileAppCon in San Francisco, Kalanick talked about his company's growth and the science behind his mobile app, which provides personal drivers at the click of a button.

Evernote Selects Parature for Customer Support, Cloudspace Heats Up

Parature continues to soar since they first launched customer support tabs on Facebook back in May 2010,  Parature is one of the industry’s leading providers for customer engagement online and […]

Entrepreneurs Corner: Avoiding The Female Ghetto

There’s something happening in New York Tech Scene: The female community is finding and establishing itself among the ranks of the techies in the Big Apple.   For a lot […]

Crosswa.lk Helps You Find Apps and Connect With Friends

App battle is all the rage. You know, when you whip out your smartphone and race to see whose map application can find directions to the Panda Express first, or […]

NY Startup Vizlingo Translates Your Text Into Video Messages

Who isn’t tired of emoticons?  Want to say more than a smiley face? Vizlingo, a NYC based startup is trying to make sending notes and emotions easy with video, allowing […]