Student Views of College Life

They always say that having more options makes the decision exponentially more difficult. Choosing a college is no exception to the rule, whether you are looking at any school across the United States or simply within a certain radius from your home.– Student Views of College Life- intends to make that decision easier by allowing current students or alumni to post pictures, videos, and reviews from their college experience. The website boasts information on over 6500 schools for vocational, two-year, and four-year programs. The site keeps it simple by allowing you to search for the school of your dreams a few different ways. If you already know which school you want information on, simply search by the name and begin digesting the information provided from real students. If you aren’t sure which school fits what you are looking for, search by some of these categories: best academics, best party schools, best weather schools, more girls than guys, religious schools, and other searches. Under each school, it then breaks it down to an overview (basic facts on the school), videos, photos and reviews.

This website is a fantastic tool to help you narrow down which schools fit your requirements, whether that is best partying school or best academics. While the actual website of the school will give you the most information to make your decision, will help you narrow down your list.