StreetRace Rivals races towards success on Facebook

Image via Hypester

Social game developer Hypester has launched its newest game on Facebook: StreetRace Rivals. The game challenges players to work from the bottom of the street-racing circuit, starting with a basic consumer vehicle and eventually upgrading it into something much more powerful, and more importantly, fast.

The “racing” in StreetRace Rivals comes via drag races using simple keyboard controls. Players use the up arrow key to shift, the space bar to accelerate and the shift key to use nitrous, which tends to be available at least once per race. The more racers players defeat, the better their reputation becomes, and the more in-game currency they’ll have to play with.

This currency can be used alongside real-world purchase options to upgrade both the performance stats of the starting vehicle, as well as its appearance. Players can also spend money upgrading their garage or purchasing entirely new vehicles.

Image via Hypester

StreetRace Rivals keeps track of players win-loss ratios, best times, achievement progress and total account value, and allows players to compare some of those stats against players on a worldwide leaderboard. Additional social features allow players to challenge their friends to races directly.

The game is rapidly growing in popularity, and has over 560,000 monthly active players, according to our app tracking service AppData. It has gained 339,000 players in the last seven days alone. StreetRace Rivals is now available to play for free on Facebook.