Street Race… I would Rather Drive My Yugo

I love a good video game. I love a good social game. When I came across Street Race, nay was hit by Street Race, I was pretty excited. My mind began to fill with simplistic thoughts of social vehicular racing.

Much to my dismay there is no street race in Street Race. In fact, there really isn’t much of a game. After installing the application I was greeted with multiple error messages and instantly informed I had loss two races.

Two races? I had only inputed my name, how odd. Fighting on, that’s what I do, I tried to purchase and ‘supe’ up my vehicle. After plowing through more error messages like some blind driver in downtown DC, I was told I could only buy more parts for my tractor (named Jonny Dear) by inviting my friends.

Was that it? Was that the social aspect of this game? I could peddle my friends and subject them to this error ridden game for more parts for my tractor? I mean give me a global score, show me tracks I have won, give me something to boast to my friends about and show them that I am a better driver.

I really wanted this game to be cool. I wanted something I could enjoy playing and prove that I am better than my friends. The problem is that the ‘game section’ of this game is nothing more than randomly clicking buttons to train my tractor and the ‘social’ part is just me pimping out my friends for more parts.

My biggest complaint is the ‘gas’ situation in this game. I would have said the game was playable if I could just purchase gas and keep playing, but I can’t. I either have to wait 2 hours or invite some of my friends to play. I have never been one to invite people to games because I dislike being invited to games. I know my friends are pimping me out for some token prize in a game.

I normally don’t say a game was a failure, but I can’t see how this game hit its intended targets. I could be wrong. If you are a big fan of Street Race let me know, perhaps I jumped the gun on this one. The game did have interesting screens to watch while random things were happening.