Steven: The Social App for People Who Hate Words

A new app translates your life into emoji.

Words can be exhausting. You’re probably skimming this right now, right?

Social media was supposed to be our way to skip all those boring complete sentences and focus on the basics, but statistically speaking, we still spend nearly three hours a day composing just the right caption for our Instagram shots, crafting the perfect pithy tweet, and remembering to check-in, update our status or log our data.

Enter Steven, the new social app that’s a little bit Moves, a little bit Foursquare and a little bit lazy — in a good way.

Steven, the debut app by the Pushd team, works in the background to track your status through the day and automatically assigns an appropriate emoji icon to illustrate where you are. At the pool? Swimmer emoji. Grabbing a bite to eat? Hamburger emoji. At a bar with friends? Beer emoji.

Users can see how their day stacks up compared to others, attach pictures to their locations and send emoji comments and messages to friends. You can even use words if you’re feeling ambitious.

“We think of Steven as a status dashboard that is always up to date,” the Steven team wrote in a blog post announcing the new app. “At a glance, you can see what and where your closest friends, family, colleagues are doing throughout the day, in non-invasive, fun emoticons.”

All this emoji may seem silly, but the visual learner in me is already smitten with Steven. I like the idea of a passive tracking app that’s less about accruing hard data or sharing your exact location and more about recording your life and keeping up with friends in a simple and fun way. In this busy world with too much to read, sometimes a little picture of a coffee cup or a doughnut says it all. That is, until we finally get our taco emoji.