Britt Clark

RadPad’s App Now Includes Auto-Pay for Your Rent

'Pay with RadPad' lets you put your rent on a credit card.

Survey: Moms Have Had Enough of Social Media [Infographic]

Why millennial mothers are getting fed up with their favorite social channels, and what brands can do to keep them interested.

Shelters Use Social Media Strategy to Find Homes for Pets

When you're trying to find a home for homeless animals, it's all about reach.

Cinch: Outsource Your Decisions to Your Friends

A new, easy polling app lets users write a question, attach pictures and get opinions.

How to Add Your Thermostat as a Friend [Infographic]

Check out these eight ingenious apps (and three really weird ones) that let you talk with your home from your smartphone.

Ello Sees Surge of Interest in Ad-free Social Networking

Ello offers a refuge from Facebook's new policies, and users are responding with interest.

Yik Yak Bomb Threats Raise Concern About Anonymous Apps

Controversial social app Yik Yak is under added scrutiny after several arrests.

Pinterest Expands Efforts to Connect With Publishers

The visual-driven social media site is taking steps to push publisher's content.

Old School Camera App Has More Than the Look of Film

Mobile photography app Thirty Six limits you to 36 shots, but opens forgotten skills.

Justin Bieber Underwear Tweets Create a Social Media Fashion Statement

Social media fashion history is made with a fabric designed entirely by tweets.