Steve-O Protests SeaWorld on Facebook, Climbs Crane, Gets Arrested

MEMO to Protestors: If there is a method to your madness, show off the method first.

Steve-O, neé Stephen Glover of Jackass fame, drifted away from Johnny Knoxville and his band of misfits to do a little something on his own.

Unfortunately, this stunt ended with his behind thrown into the local pokey for suspicion of trespassing, conspiracy to commit a crime and setting off a firework without a permit, until he was released on $5,000 bail. What was it you ask?


Seems harmless enough. A fresh-out-of-rehab “stunt” actor holding a swim toy named Shammy. Almost cute, but then he took it one step further.

That “dangerous stunt” that will “probably get [him] in a lot of trouble” did just that.  That’s Steve-O, 41, in the middle of Hollywood climbing to the top of a huge crane with his pet inflatable killer whale in-tow. Reports in sunny SoCal note that the jackass on the crane got the attention of “80 firefighters and dozens of police officers” because calls from people reporting “a possible suicide attempt.” No death was noted, but some fireworks were sparked and tweets were taken. 

This isn’t the first time Steve-O has protested SeaWorld. According to NBC San Diego, he and his Blackfish T-shirt changed a freeway sign that read Sea World Drive and changed “drive” to…well, see for yourself.


Somewhere PETA is applauding but not doing much else. Even they have their scruples.