Stephen Colbert’s Favorite App Tracks the Movement of Ships

marine trafficMarine Traffic is about to get the Colbert Bump, now that the popular comedian has declared it his favorite app. What’s it for? Tracking ships!  The app allows users to track the movement of ships, where they are going, where they are from, how fast they are moving, and even their history. It’s like train watching,  but with boats on your smartphone.

In a statement on USA Today, Colbert said, “I’m from Charleston, S.C., and I grew up on the water there. I love shipping. I’m a train spotter but with boats. And this app is fantastic.”

He added, “So I am here in New York, and it tells me the name of every ship in New York Harbor. Even sailboats of a certain size and big ocean ships. Right now the Joyce D. Brown tug is making 5 knots toward New Jersey. It tells the history of the boat. It tells the last port of call.”