Steinreich Communications’ Israeli Office Lands The Jerusalem Post

Vu sholom, dort iz brocheh.

This past December, New Jersey-based Steinreich Communications appointed Daniel Seaman, former director of the Israel Press Government Office, at the helm of its digs in Tel Aviv.

Today, we find out that Seaman landed a big fish — The Jerusalem Post.

“The Jerusalem Post is the iconic brand for news and information about Israel and the broader Jewish world. We are pleased to have been selected to represent them to the global media,” said Steinreich Communications President and CEO Stan Steinreich. “The Post’s annual conference is one of the foremost in the pro-Israel community and is an important event for anyone who supports Israel.”

According to the press release, Steinreich Communications will be “focusing its efforts on the news organization’s prestigious Fifth Annual Jerusalem Post Conference.”

Mazel Mazel to the entire Steinreich gang.