Steen Strand Will Lead SnapLab, the Group Behind Spectacles, Starting in February

Sahil Sharma is leaving to pursue another opportunity

The Veronica and Nico styles of second-generation Spectacles Snap Inc.

The SnapLab group at Snap Inc., which is behind its Spectacles camera sunglasses, will be under new leadership starting in February.

Vice president of hardware Sahil Sharma had been leading SnapLab since Mark Randall left the company in June, but he will leave Snap Inc. in February to pursue another opportunity.

Steen Strand, who joined Snap Inc. in October as SnapLab’s director of product design, will take over following Sharma’s departure. He will report to Snap Inc. senior vp of engineering Jerry Hunter.

Prior to joining Snap Inc., Strand was the co-founder of Icon Aircraft, service as vp of design, vp of marketing and president in his 10-plus years there.

Hunter said in a statement, “The SnapLab team plays an important role in defining the future of Snap—an exciting future in which computing is overlaid on the world around us. Under Sahil’s leadership, the team has made promising progress toward our next iteration of the Spectacles product. Moving forward, I’m excited to have Steen lead this organization. Steen brings strong expertise in design and consumer product development to SnapLab, which will serve us well in the years ahead.”

Snapchat’s parent company introduced Spectacles in November 2016, and the second generation of the camera sunglasses was unveiled in April.

Two new styles were added in September, Nico and Veronica. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.