Steal from friends and strangers in PKPKT on iPhone

A new iPhone app called PKPKT (read: pickpocket) turns the act of stealing from friends and strangers into a game, challenging players to steal as much virtual money as possible, before they’re stolen from. The game uses Bluetooth Low Energy to locate potential victims, and doesn’t require a data connection to continue playing.

When joining PKPKT, each player starts with $1,000. The app then constantly scans for nearby players, and sends notifications when others are found. With a few taps, money can be stolen from one player, and added to the thief’s bank account. This can occur completely without the knowledge of the victim, or can see players racing to steal money from each other the fastest.

Players can also attempt to block the theft, if they’d rather keep their own money and not try to steal from the other player. Once a theft has taken place, users can chat with their opponents via in-game chat, with messages sent over bluetooth.

By sharing the app with Twitter or Facebook, players unlock a ‘head start’ bonus. This head start forces the victim to wait a set number of seconds before they can steal from the player, and additional time can be added to this booster with real money.

PKPKT is available to download for free on iPhone. You can follow the game’s progress over time on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.