Status Update Boasts Of Illegally Killing Alligator

A hunter in Texas apparently forgot that it's illegal to shoot alligators in his area, because he posted a status update about doing exactly that.

We know the temptation all too well: you do something cool and you want to tell everyone all about it on your status update. But before you tell the world about your latest exploits, consider the legality of what you’ve done before you hit post.

That reality is staring a boastful hunter in the face: He told the world in his Facebook status update that he’d bagged an 11-and-a-half foot alligator in Bastrop, Texas. Apparently, it’s illegal to shoot gators in that part of the state.
The man, who has not yet been named because he has not yet been formally charged, led police and game warden investigators to find his quarry a week ago. Fortunately for him, the crime of shooting alligators is only considered a misdemeanor in Bastrop County, Texas.
Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Warden Fred Ensinger told Fox News that the animal’s size was an “anomaly,” and runs close to twice the size of gators usually seen this far from the Gulf Coast.
This tale simply provides a colorful example of something we see regularly on Facebook: People lack awareness of, or perhaps forget, how law enforcement officials regularly search the site for leads.
What are some of the most reckless boasts you’ve seen in people’s status updates?