Gregory Pleshaw

U.S. Facebook Traffic Detoured Through China

A sizable amount of network traffic including Facebook surfers was re-routed from an AT&T line in the U.S. through Chinanet. Some believe this was a deliberate rerouting by the Chinese government, which has blocked its citizens from accessing the social network for about two years.

Watch U.K. Sports Show 'Scoreboard' On Facebook

The popular U.K. sports show "Scoreboard" now offers video excerpts on its Facebook page that fans can comment on.

State Farm's Facebook Contest Aims For Repeat Visits

Most contests on Facebook aim to get people to like a brand for the first time. State Farm Insurance Company is using a game to try to get repeat visits.

MPX4 Wants To Be The Top Music Game On Facebook

MXP4 claims that the more than 1.3 million active monthly users of the vendor's Pump It application put it well on the way toward becoming the number one music-focused game on Facebook.

Facebook To Drive Pothole Repairs In Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio officials are setting up a Facebook fan page to record citizens' reports of the state of the city's roads.

Can Barter Cash In On Facebook Commerce?

Two applications from WhoWish allow people to trade goods, barter style.

Facebook Now Shows Friends' Game Playing

Facebook has begun testing a new viral sidebar showing which friends play a particular game.

Teacher Learns Facebook Lesson On Privacy

Surely every teacher has a day when the little ones get so ruthless you want to rant after work. But perhaps Christine Rubino should have saved hers for an in-person chat rather than blasting it onto Facebook.

Some Christians Give Up Facebook For Lent

Some Christians are considering giving up Facebook this year for Lent.

Chicago Rapist Met Two Victims On Facebook

You can never be too cautious about whether to meet people in person that you first encounter online.